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Club Development Planning Webinar

Volleyball Ireland ran a Club Development Planning Webinar which centered around Development Plans. A number of clubs including, Gardians VC, BMP, Santry VC, Kilkenny Spartans VC, Netforce VC and DVC all tuned in and some clubs shared their experience of creating and implementing Development Plans.

So What is a Development Plan?
A Club Development Plan explains where the club wants to be in the future. It outlines the club’s objectives, how these objectives will be achieved and by when.

Why Bother Doing One?
•Identifies aspects that need attention and strong areas of club
•Can help focus club activity and keeps track of bigger picture
•Sends a message of growth and opportunities to stakeholders
•May be required for Grant Applications

VI have put together a handy guide and easy to follow templates clubs can use. The slideshow is also included.

The Plan
Handy Guide

Some Top Tips to Remember when Creating and Implementing a Plan

•Get a number of people with skills and qualities involved
•Give clear ownership to individuals
•Remember, Where are we now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?
•Set Goals and break them down into objectives (SMART)
•Review the plan, update progress and make changes if needed.


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