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Disability Sports Exhibition


As part of National Accessibility Week, South Dublin County Sports Partnership and South Dublin County Council organised a Disability Sports Expo showcasing different disability sports and how mainstream sports can be adapted to include people with disabilities. Volleyball Ireland were invited along to deliver fun taster sessions showing how they adapt their sessions to be more inclusive.
The first session was with a group of adults with intellectual disabilities from local disability services. The group really enjoyed their introduction to Volleyball. They were shown the Dig, Volley and the Spike with the Spike being a fan favourite! We also had a very exciting game. We used beach balls and balloons to adapt the sport so everyone could take part.
The second session of the day was with a group of college students. The students are in their first year studying Sports Science and Health in TUDublin Tallaght Campus. They were introduced to our fast-paced game of Sitting Volleyball. The group first had to learn how to move while sitting down, then we went straight into a game using a beach ball. After this the students were shown each of the Volleyball skills and the drills that we use for Sitting Volleyball. They had great fun learning the skills, we finished off with one very competitive game.
If you would like more information about how to adapt volleyball for someone with a disability please contact Jessie at