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Stakeholder Survey Results


Volleyball Ireland has recorded significant improvements in all areas as it publishes the results of the 2019-20 season annual stakeholder survey.
The survey, now in its second year, has established ‘performance benchmarks’ in a range of different areas including Communications, Coach Education, Player Development and Leadership. As well as providing members the opportunity to put forward their own ideas to improve their sport.
The survey assesses whether members’ consider the Association to have a positive image and whether they consider it to be successful as an NGB. (note: this concept and the benchmarking questions was inspired by the UEFA Grow project presented at the FIS conference at the Aviva stadium. UEFA provided the same questions that they use to assess their national federations in Soccer).
Last years version provided a range of ideas which Volleyball Ireland has since implemented including; regular newsletters, online player registration system, a coaching workshop series and a move to a fun non-competitive primary school competition.
The survey also asks ‘how successful you perceive Volleyball Ireland to be as an NGB’.
General Manager, Gary Stewart, said, “The Stakeholder survey is really important as the ideas and suggestions impact our operational plans and programmes. Last year we had around 65 responses with a range of brilliant ideas, some of which we’ve managed to put in place.
I’m not concerned with the actual scores we get, our focus is we improve and get better in every area, year on year. That’s what we strive for and as a members organisation it’s vital our members are the ones to judge that.”
Last year around 5% of licensed playing members completed the survey, now with the weekly newsletter engaging over 1700 subscribers, Gary is delighted the numbers completing the survey increased, he added,
“We aimed to double the number of responses which we have more or less achieved. This gives us even more information to work with and more ideas to implement. Naturally, we have a lot of conversations with people over the year and getting feedback that way is great, but having hard data and scores that can be measured is invaluable.”
Stakeholder Survey
In 2019 the first Volleyball Ireland stakeholder survey was published allowing members to provide a series of satisfaction benchmarks in key areas of the sport. The survey is used to measure the organisations performance versus the previous 12 months.

The survey also provides members with a chance to suggest their own ideas for new projects or activities that will improve their experience of Volleyball in Ireland.
The 2020 version received nearly double the number of respondents which provides a more accurate picture of member sentiment.
2019 Score
68 responses
2020 Score
120 responses

Do you consider Volleyball Ireland to be a successful NGB?
58% Successful
15% Unsuccessful
27% Don’t Know
72% Successful
3% Unsuccessful
25% Don’t Know

How do you rate the overall image of Volleyball Ireland?
69% Positive
16% Negative
15% Don’t Know
80% Positive
3% Negative
17% Don’t Know

Specific Areas, ratings out of 10

Net Promoter Score
The 2020 version includes a Net Promoter Score question. Net Promoter Score is a globally recognised tool to measure customer satisfaction in a number of industries. NPS works by asking a simple question “How likely are you to recommend a friend or colleague to become a member of Volleyball Ireland”. Members then score on a scale of 1-10. People who rate 9 or 10 are classed as promoters. Anyone who scores 1-6 is classed as a detractor. And 7 & 8s are rated as passives. The % of detractors is subtracted from the % of promoters to give a score between -100 and +100.
Global benchmarks suggest a score of 30 is ‘good’ and anything above 50 is ‘excellent’.
Promoters: 58%
Detractors: 9%
Passives: 33%
NPS Rating: 49
Most promoters recognise the improvement that has been made across the board particularly identifying improve communications, engagement and more social media activity, including the new Monster Block weekly newsletter. Promoters highlighted the Coaching Masterclass and online webinars as good steps forward as well as noting an increase in National Team activity and the efforts made to develop youth club competitions and junior beach activities, including the Friendship Tournament held last year.
Conversely some detractors highlighted a lack of social media activity and content and promotion in general, with suggestions that more of an effort to get volleyball promoted on mainstream media such as TV and national papers is needed. Several comments related to a ‘Dublin bias’ with more programmes needed nationwide, as well as lack of funding for National team programmes. Several detractors highlighted a need to centralised referee appointments and a move away from club referees.
Passives are generally satisfied with the performance of Volleyball Ireland but identified more tournaments and events for social/recreational players would be a step forward. As well as more help supporting clubs with funding.
In summary, the stakeholder survey has seen increased scoring in all departments which signifies improvement and satisfaction of members. In general terms the organisation has a very positive reputation and image. This should give encouragement for the future and reassurance that Volleyball Ireland is moving in the right direction.

Whilst the scoring signifies improvement it also demonstrates there is continuous work to do, especially in areas of player development and participation development. Implementing programmes for both should be priorities.
There are still areas for improvement, and the ideas and feedback gained will help inform this ahead of next years survey.