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VLY to subsidise antigen tests for National League Matches

Volleyball Ireland will be offering clubs a subsidy to help players and officials utilise antigen tests ahead of National League matches, for the rest of the month.

Government advises through the HSE Live website that those people involved in regular high-risk environments can use at home antigen tests (with the CE mark) as an extra measure to help protect yourself and others from CoronavirusHigh risk environments are deemed as cinemas, theatres or concerts; bars or restaurants; participating in contact sports; multi-household visits; car sharing with people from other households. More information > Using COVID-19 antigen tests –

To help prevent Covid-19 transmission amongst our members and to help all players and officials stay safe with this extra measure, Volleyball Ireland will reimburse the cost of these tests via the club for matches played in January 2022.

Each team will be reimbursed on the basis of €3 per person listed on the official match day scoresheet.

These sums will be paid in arrears, and once a copy of the scoresheet from the match has been submitted to Volleyball Ireland.  Clubs may opt out of this reimbursement.

Volleyball Ireland General Manager, Gary Stewart said, “We’ve followed Government and Sport Ireland guidance throughout the pandemic. Government recommends the use of at home antigen tests for people involved in contact sport as an extra safety measure and we just want to help players do that, to keep as many of our community as safe as possible. This is a recommendation, it isn’t mandatory but I’m sure most people are keen to ensure that they don’t pass on this disease to other people, especially their team mates and using antigen tests at home can help with that.”

FAQs on VLY funded Antigen tests

When should players use antigen tests?

Government recommends that those people involved in regular contact sport activity should take antigen tests regularly, typically three days apart. To help reduce the risk of spreading the disease at Volleyball events, we suggest that players and officials involved in a match use an antigen test before they leave home, before any travel.

Are clubs supposed to provide the tests?

Logistically, it is much more efficient if players purchase antigen tests for home usage as they are at present. Clubs can reimburse the cost of the test (€3) however way is most appropriate for them. This could be through a reduction in match fee for example.

Does this mean that if I’m not vaccinated but I have a negative antigen test I can play?

No – Government rules on this have not changed. Only adults with a covid recovery or vaccination certificate can play indoor team sport

Why is it a €3 subsidy?

Most major supermarket retailers are selling packs of CE Mark Antigen at home test kits for around €3. These retailers include Dunnes Stores, Aldi, SuperValu and Tesco.

What about U18 players?

At home antigen testing is recommended for anyone 13 or over, although the HSE recommends that children aged 13-16 are supervised by an adult.

Don’t Antigen tests give a lot of false readings especially when symptomatic?

If anyone has symptoms of covid 19 then they shouldn’t be attending matches nor training – this has been a fundamental principle of covid protocols from the outset. In terms of false positives – the vast majority of CE Mark antigen tests available in reputable shops are proven to be accurate enough to be worthwhile as an extra measure of protection.

Do tests have to be checked before someone can play?

No. This is an additional measure to support players and officials with the cost of the tests and to prevent the potential spread of the disease to their team mates.

Is this mandatory?

No. It is a Government recommendation as an extra measure of protection to help reduce the transmission of the disease.

What should I do if my antigen test is positive on the morning of the match?

You should follow Government guidance which is to self isolate and get a Covid-19 PCR test >   You should also inform your club.

What if my test is invalid?

HSE Live recommends you do another test.

More guidance on Antigen testing and Covid-19 is available here >


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