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Recreational Mixed Competitions

Recreational Mixed Competitions are fun events aimed at players of every level. With the support of its affiliated clubs, VLY is organising 3 events in 2022: West, South and East tournaments.

East Tournament

Coláiste de hÍde, Tallaght

April 2nd – Cup

April 3rd – Shield

South Tournament

MTU Cork (formerly CIT)

April 2nd – Cup

April 3rd – Shield

West Tournament

St Mary’s College, Galway

April 3rd – Cup

Cup: open to every player of every level and category.

Shield: open to all those players that are not competing in Premier League and Division 1. Therefore, players of community groups, social and recreational groups, school and university teams, Division 2, Development League, and junior leagues that don’t compete in above-mentioned categories are welcome.


Match fixtures and format will be determined once team entries are closed. DEADLINE March 25th, 2022


  • A minimum of 3 females on court at all times
  • Players that compete in Premier League and Division 1 are not allowed to participate in the Shield.
  • All players and coaches must be registered with Volleyball Ireland to take part in the tournament. It is the responsibility of the individual club to ensure that each team list is up to date – this will be checked at the event.
  • Teams that do not have 6 of their registered players present may borrow a player from another team. They will however forfeit that set and each set after if they continue with another team’s player.
  • In the event of a dispute the organisers decision is final.
  • Substitutions can take place at any stage during matches and do not need to be recorded.
  • Rotation slips will not be requested.
  • Net Height will be 2.35m


Teams when not playing will be scheduled to referee and keep the score for other matches.

The schedule for refereeing/officiating will be listed on the match schedule.

3 people will be required from each team for refereeing duties, 1st referee, 2nd referee and a scorekeeper. (Please try to allocate these to your members before the game day)

All teams are asked to show respect for match officials and participate in the matches with a sense of fair play and with a good sportsmanlike attitude.

To register

Register your team at this link before March 20th, 2022. Entry fee is 80€ per team.

Places are limited. First come, first served.

All players and coaches must be registered with Volleyball Ireland to take part in the tournament. For players that haven’t purchased a membership with VLY yet, a non-league membership will be enough for recreational events. New players can create an account on JustGo via this link.

For any queries, contact us.