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New Protests, Appeals & Complaints System

As part of our off-court improvements to the Association’s Governance processes, Volleyball Ireland has developed a new system for managing any protests, appeals, discipline and complaints related issues.

To implement this system a new Committee has been formed named ‘Protests, Appeals, Disciplinary and Complaints Commission’ or PADACC for short.

In summary, the PADACC will process and administer all protests, appeals, discipline and complaints that are received by Volleyball Ireland. The PADACC will then establish independent Hearings Committees and if necessary, independent Appeals Committees. A panel of nominated club representatives as well as independent experts from other sports and industries will be available to the PADACC to sit on Hearings or Appeals Committees.

There are several benefits for using this system including:

• Provides consistency of process across the organisation
• Clear independence from Commissions making original sanction or penalty
• Consistency of communication to appellants, respondents and all relevant parties
• Independent experts adjudicating on sometimes complex matters
• Panel of adjudicators can be trained to best handle issues of this nature

If you have any feedback on this development, please email Gary Stewart via As always, the motivation is to improve our processes and be aligned with best practice.

Process & Policy > PADACC Process ^0 Policy FINAL 101022

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