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Office Closed 15/04/2014
The VAI Office will be closed on Friday 18th April and Monday...

Beach Volleyball Training Camp 15/04/2014
Register to attend the elite performance beach volleyball training...

Cork Mixed Volleyball 2014 08/04/2014
Well done to all who took part in the Cork Mixed League 2014Cup...

League Winners 2013/14 07/04/2014
Congratulations to the winning teams for the 2013/14 season....

Association Cup 2014 31/03/2014
Well done to all the teams who made it the Association Cup Finals...

2014-04-06Premier Men
Aer Lingus 3 vs2 NUIG Alliance@ALSAA
2014-04-06Division 1 Men
TCD 0 vs3 Tallaght Rockets@Trinity College Dublin
DVC 3 vs0 Munster Thunder@Coláiste Bride Clondalkin
Aer Lingus 3 vs1 Garda@ALSAA
2014-04-06Premier Women
TCD 2 vs3 UCD@Trinity College Dublin
DVC 3 vs1 Santry @Coláiste Bride Clondalkin
2014-04-06Division 1 Women
Newbridge 3 vs0 Santry @Holy Family Secondary School
Aer Lingus 3 vs1 DVC@ALSAA
2014-04-06Division 2 Women
Newbridge 1 vs3 Garda@Holy Family Secondary School
Newbridge 3 vs0 Tallaght Rockets@Holy Family Secondary School
2014-04-05Premier Men
Amber Coast 0 vs3 UCD@Castle Park School Sports Centre
Ballymun Patriots 3 vs1 Garda@Ballymun Comprehensive Secondary School
2014-04-05Premier Women
Naas 3 vs1 NUIG Alliance@St Mary's College Naas
Ballymun Patriots 0 vs3 Tallaght Rockets@Ballymun Comprehensive Secondary School
2014-04-05Division 1 Women
Naas 0 vs3 Munster Thunder@St Mary's College Naas
2014-04-05Division 2 Women
Amber Coast 0 vs3 Tallaght Rockets@Castle Park School Sports Centre
2014-04-03Division 2 Women
Naas 0 vs3 Newbridge @CBS College Naas
2014-03-30Division 1 Men
Aer Lingus 3 vs1 Munster Thunder@ALSAA
2014-03-30Division 2 Women
NUIG Alliance 0 vs3 Amber Coast@NUIG Kingfisher Galway
2014-03-23Premier Men
Aer Lingus 3 vs1 Ballymun Patriots@ALSAA
2014-03-23Division 1 Men
Tallaght Rockets 2 vs3 Aer Lingus@Firhouse community college
DVC 3 vs0 Aer Lingus@Coláiste Bride Clondalkin
2014-03-23Premier Women
NUIG Alliance 3 vs1 Tallaght Rockets@Temperance Hall
Santry 3 vs0 TCD@Artane Recreation Centre
2014-03-23Division 1 Women
Santry 0 vs3 Garda@Artane Recreation Centre
Munster Thunder 3 vs2 DVC@University of Limerick
2014-03-23Division 2 Women
Tallaght Rockets 3 vs0 Newbridge @Firhouse community college
2014-03-22Premier Men
Garda 2 vs3 Amber Coast@Firhouse community college
UCD 3 vs2 Ballymun Patriots@University College Dublin
2014-03-22Division 1 Men
Garda 3 vs1 TCD@Coláiste De Híde Tallaght
2014-03-22Premier Women
Naas 1 vs3 DVC@St Mary's College Naas
NUIG Alliance 3 vs0 TCD@NUIG Kingfisher Galway
UCD 1 vs3 Ballymun Patriots@University College Dublin
2014-03-22Division 1 Women
Naas 0 vs3 Newbridge @St Mary's College Naas
2014-03-22Division 2 Women
Garda 3 vs2 Amber Coast@Coláiste De Híde Tallaght
2014-03-20Premier Women
TCD 1 vs3 Naas@Trinity College Dublin

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